iTamtam M3B

The bambeats iTamtam M3B wireless audio system features innovative design coupled with the highest quality in 360° sound.

iTamtam M3

The iTamtam is a wireless audio system - Connect your Bluetooth device anywhere with the new iTamtam M3.

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3 years warranty

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Stream songs by the millions. Discover artists and albums on the move.
Soul-shaking sound. Heart-pounding design.

Whether it’s from your phone, tablet, or an online radio
station, the iTamtam has the accessibility to play it all. The result
is 360° sound quality, with up to 8 hours of battery life.

What people are saying about iTamtam.

The iTamtam has been streamed, styled and sat on in living
rooms, cafes and creative offices throughout Europe since 2008.
Take a look at what these owners have to say.

  • Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson

    The Daily Telegraph

    ...four 1.5-inch 10W tweeters and a 5.25-inch 80W subwoofer to shudder your pelvis, all of which contribute to a power rating of 70W.

  • Jason Chem

    Close to 99% of all the iPod Docks we've ever seen look about the same. iTam Tam iPod Dock Is Strangely Unique... 

  • Edwin Kee slouch when it comes to performance, fully capable of bringing the house down when the situation calls for it.

  • John Palmer

    ...its graceful form gives it plenty of room to develop some serious sound; too bad there’s just 25 watts driving each of its two channels.

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Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue

The bambeats iTamtam M3B
wireless audio system features innovative design coupled with 
the highest quality in sound. 

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Platinum Silver

Platinum Silver

The bambeats iTamtam M3B wireless audio system features innovative design coupled with the highest quality in sound.

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